“Why the Squirrel had to Die” a response to 8in8’s “Twelve Line Song”

A furry little thing
Perched on a porcelain sink
In a studio apartment
Sees the bubbling bath
Conveniently prepared
For the not penultimate
Ultimate plunge.

The visions of the acorn
Famine of the fall of ‘08
And that tragic, twisted fate
Losing his feral family late
To the hunt for which a feline was born
Flicker through
His fleeting flea-ridden brain.

He had been around
The circle of life
And saw the whole joke
The punchline
That came full-circle
For this old fuzzy friend
A freshly filled bath
So his life could finally end.

With a last poignant squeak
He took the past-due plunge
Thinking to utter
“To be or not to be…”
But decided Ophelia instead
Had the right answer
To the question.

The last molecule
Of his breath
Surfaced to the top
Unnoticed and well-blended
In this bubbly bath
From all but one,
A rubber ducky
Who went “quack!”
And wrote the 12 line song.

“Some things are more or less like that.”

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