Not Uninspired, Just Stuck.

So I’ve still been writing a lot lately, but mainly all that’s been coming out are strings of words that make “parts” of poems I like.  Nothing that can stand alone as a poem yet.  That’s a bit frustrating for me because that’s not usually how I write poetry.  Usually, an idea comes to me and nags at me until I do something writing-related with it.  Then, I write it down (usually as a poem) in either my notebook, or notes on my phone, spending no more than twenty minutes on it, after which I leave it alone for a few days.  Come back to it with a fresher, more critical mind, comb over it (this time for some hours), and presto, poem, published on my blog.  Like I said before, this hasn’t been happening recently though.  Recently, I’ve been getting ideas in my head that still nag me, but when I finally write them down, I hate them.  So until I figure this all out, I won’t say I’m uninspired–I’m just a bit stuck for the time being.

Until these affairs seem to sort themselves out, I’ll be posting any poems I already wrote, but just haven’t put online.  It’s kinda weird for me because I feel that a lot of these poems, posted in the order that they have been posted (through no fault other than my own), have been taken a bit out of context.  I think if my poems were to be read in order from oldest to newest they could almost tell a story of my development as a person as well as a writer.  Standing alone, they don’t seem right.  Admittedly, I haven’t dated poems in a while and I should probably start that up again.  Actually, I will start that up again because right now, as I’m writing this, it’s kinda starting to bother me that I haven’t kept track of when most of my latest stuff was originally written–if you haven’t figured out yet, I’m pretty neurotic.  I honestly don’t know how my family puts up with me…Actually I do, they don’t really know I’m this neurotic.  Most people don’t.  It all usually just goes on in my head…Okay, now I’m just rambling.  So, to reiterate, a lot of poems you’ll be seeing up for the time being are not new, as in freshly written, but still new to you, my audience, as you’ve never read them before, hopefully–it’d be weird if somehow you had…mind control, eh?  Maybe that could be one of Mr. Brewding’s archenemies, a mind-controlling, mind-reading plagiarist! ha! I like it! Something good did come out of writing this blog after all!  Okay, I’m done blogging for the moment.  I need to sign out!

Peace and stuff!


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