New Poem: “Masquerade”

This is a new poem I’ve been playing around with this weekend–it’ll probably change a bit as I’m not entirely satisfied with some stanza breaks and general organization, but seeing as how today is Memorial Day, I figured the poem was somewhat fitting; granted, I didn’t write this poem for this holiday and it isn’t really about soldiers in that sense. Anyways, you’ll see, and please let me know what you think!


Calling all shapes, all sizes,
Preferably in disguises,
March your mantle in parade,
It’s time for the masquerade.

300 men
Not Spartans
Brand an “S”
On latex chests
So a war
Won’t start again.

300 men risk all
In courageous ignorance.

300 men inspire
The cast out and
Bring them in again.

300 men
With beaten banners
And broken battle standards
Patrol ‘til dawn
With their masks on.

Shall we accept
This invitation
When there’s no time
For contemplation?
When consequences
Of future action hides
In its own guise
With masked “avengeance”
And blackened eyes
Only see the night’s
Evil smile
Streaking crooked
From mile to mile,
When demons
Prey in
Secret sermons
And Hell has cooked
In every soup kitchen,
Who answers
The call?
Who answers
For us all?

300 men may
No longer walk
The streets one day

300 empty dreamers
Sleep in
Crimson streamers.

300 played
With wet
And weary matches.

300 lay
In the corpse
Pumpkin patches.

300 men
No longer walk
The streets today.

And when
300 men died
That day
Who gave us the right
To sit and pray
For the lives lost
In shrouds and tossed
At bay?
Who at last
Will answer
For us all?
But a pathetic poet
Who ignored
The call.

4 responses to “New Poem: “Masquerade”

  1. I really enjoyed this poem. It had quite a few moments where I stopped and thought, “clever!” before I continued reading, especially “when demons/prey in/secret sermons/ and Hell has cooked/ in every soup kitchen.” I am so amazed at your ability to put words together in a way that nearly forces the reader to read aloud. Your poems are not only thought-provoking and well-crafted, but they also sound…not pretty, but appropriate, I mean, sometimes they sound pretty, but they force an appropriate speed, and rhythm and everything. I can see what you mean about stanzas and wanting to mess around with them some more, but overall, I really really liked it.

    • Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I’m always happy when I’m allowed moments in my poetry where I can twist words in poetry to catch people’s attention and even happier when it actually works! Thank you for the awesome feedback yet again, and please keep them coming! I apologize for the hiatus these last few days–I had a lot of family stuff going on and just didn’t have much time for blog-checking

      • I totally understand, I’m just glad you’re back! 🙂 Your feedback has really been immensely helpful and encouraging as well; I don’t know that I would bring myself to write as much (certainly not blog much) if I didn’t feel like someone was reading and enjoying the things I write. Also, you have been an inspiration- reading your work always gets me really excited about poetry and sort of rekindles the passion I have for writing. Thank you so much!

      • Wow! What an honor to have so much esteem from you–I don’t think I deserve it! I’ll do my best to keep writing, and I hope you do the same. I truly enjoy reading your work as well, and am so thankful to have you reading my stuff–my blog would feel like a void without your comments, and you’ve certainly filled it! Thank you!

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