Poem, “Jesus. Judas”

A little something I did have time for this weekend 🙂 Still playing around with it a bit, but I like doing something from time to time that’s a bit different. As I was writing it, I had a hard time finding a place to stop–in fact, I’ve changed that spot multiple times even as I’ve prepared it for posting. I think you’ll find, though, that that’s probably the point.

“Jesus. Judas”

Why are you here?
Always questioning.
With good reason.
O ye of little faith!
Cut it out. Answer the question.
You won’t believe me.
Try me.
You doubted me the first time.
No, I played a role.
We all had roles to play.
Some suffered more–
And then I offered you forgiveness. You denied it.
That wasn’t my role. Why are you here?
I’ve always been here.
Stop playing games.
I thought you liked games?
Why are you here?
It’s the end.
No one will believe you.
Some will.
We’ve had too many false prophets since you–
They too played roles.
They’ve all lost faith.
What will you do about it?
That isn’t like you.
I’ve always done nothing–you, on the other hand, did something.
You made me the martyr.
God’s will.
Your choice.
I was the real martyr.
I know.
“We all had roles to play.” What do you want from me?
I need you again.
Convince the others.
Not this time.
You can be their Christ.
I won’t.
Who will save them?
That’s your role!
Not this time.
God’s will?
No, your choice.

5 responses to “Poem, “Jesus. Judas”

  1. I’ve often thought about the balance of God’s will and free will in the story of Judas too, and I really like the way you used dialogue to explore that. Really cool! You inspired me to write a poem on the same thing, but it’s not nearly as well-crafted and interesting as yours.

    • Awesome! I’m sure it’s still great! The story of Judas has always bothered me. The way he’s portrayed as a traitor when he was one of Jesus’ closest friends–the way God had to know Judas would do what he did–the way that why Judas did turned Jesus into a martyr and made that martyrdom more significant by 1000 fold. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, that should make everyone think.

      • Yeah, it’s definitely one of those stories you really have to think about. Growing up, it was one of the stories I didn’t really heard much about, so when I did read it, I didn’t really read it as Judas as betraying Jesus, but rather sacrificing his reputation to play a part in a bigger story and doing what was necissary for the good of all with little regard to himself. Kinda like the Snape/Dumbledore debate (if you’ve read Harry Potter). Interesting stuff.

      • That’s kinda how I’ve always thought about it, but I didn’t think it was really taught that way and I’ve always kinda felt like I look at that stuff differently–not like an atheist or an agnostic, more as a believer that just feels like there’s a little more to everything that some people don’t like to acknowledge or talk about. Yes, very interesting stuff! And yes, of course I read Harry Potter 🙂 Can’t believe it’s all bout to end with the movies.

  2. Yay! Someone else who sees things a little differently and actually enjoys talking about it! 🙂 haha, I should have guessed you’ve read Harry Potter…I know! It’s so weird that it’s all ending! I’m going to see the midnight premiere for my birthday– I’m so stoked, but kinda sad at the same time.

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