Up late writing

I’ve been up late the past few nights trying to get caught up on writing the chapters I’m behind on.  I have about four more of them written at the moment.  I’m going to try and upload by tomorrow or the next day whatever I have–I don’t think it’ll catch me up quite to the daily amount, but it should get me close.  I’m trying to take my time on these current chapters for a couple of reasons: 1) I’m getting closer to the end of this story, and 2) this means that I’d like for everything to be wrapped up pretty tightly–everything needs to connect.  So everything I write right now, I’m scrutinizing just a little bit more.  And yes, you read correctly, the story is drawing closer to an end–it’ll probably be wrapped up some time next week.  Because of this, you’ll be seeing some small filler chapters along the way to drag it out a bit more, but I want this to have as much of a natural end as possible; so, when it ends, it ends.  What will I do with the odd number of days left over for daily writing?  I’m not quite sure yet.  I’ve already been pretty bad about keeping up with the daily posts, but the point was to have deadlines to motivate me to finish this story before the middle of next month and that part is working.  I’ll probably just end up writing some short, stand-alone stories, or more poems for the leftover days.  We’ll see.  I’m not really sure how coherent this all is, but I just wanted to give an update as it’s been a while since I last posted.

Hopefully you will have something more interesting to read soon!


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