Updates and stuff

It’s hard to believe sometimes time can slip by without really noticing it. What I mean is, I feel like I only posted my latest entry a week ago, when in reality, it’s been almost a month. Yikes! I’m still writing, but I suppose since now I’m no longer posting a chapter of something right when it’s written no one knows it but me. I’ll try to have some new content up here shortly–as well as work on The Brew a bit as I never wanted that to go neglected in the first place.

This all being said, I do have news that will affect my posting of at least poetry. This semester I was finally able to enroll in poetry writing course. Woot woot! This course requires me to make a portfolio of any poetry I write during the semester. Because of this, I won’t be able to post any poem included in the portfolio on my blog until the semester ends, and since I want as many poems included in the portfolio as possible, it may be hard to produce some extra poems to post here. In the mean time, I’ll try and write some short stories to put up here, and at the very least, concentrate on my new blog The Brew. The good thing about this poetry course though is now I finally have an academic excuse to write and I’m pumped for it! And as a result of all of this, you can probably expect to read some pretty great poems on here at the conclusion of the semester.

To wrap up, this blog may seem bare for a bit, though I promise to try and keep that from being the case, but I haven’t gone anywhere and my writing hasn’t stopped. Hopefully this gives my readers something pretty special to look forward to. We’ll see. Until then, have fun reading what is on my blog. If you’re just now discovering it, there’s enough to keep you busy for a while.

As always, enjoy!


One response to “Updates and stuff

  1. Yay! I’m excited for the end of the semester now!!! Although it’ll be a while, I know it’ll be worth the wait! Pretty much the same goes for me. I’m taking an intermediate creative writing class, so I’ll have a bit of everything when I’m done with the semester, although, I may be able to put some rough drafts of stuff up before the end of the semester. Anyway, hopefully we can both get some stuff up throughout the smester though. Happy writing! 🙂

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