“Oh Girl” Poem written Fall 2010

Oh girl, I know
You got a craving
For attention
And a lack of courage
Or strength
To seek redemption
In the broken hearts
You break.

And oh girl, I know
You got that power
To fall in love with
The first guy to smile
And say “Hi.”

And oh girl, you know
Not a day goes by
Where I lie in bed
Wishing I wasn’t
That guy
In a chain of lies
The First
In a chain of
First, second,
And third guys
Who fell in love
With the one
The one who lies.

A poem written sometime in the summer of 2010, untitled

I wrote these words
But you wouldn’t read them
So I sang a song
But you wouldn’t listen
Ironically, if I went Pop
Would you pay attention?
I know this isn’t easy to hear
But it isn’t easy to say
So you gotta listen–
Oh, you’re plugging your ears?
Look at my lips
You gotta read them
‘Cause I spent a year
Learning to speak properly
So just pay attention.

Our days are gone
We missed them
But you made me miss them
Time’s been wasted
Hell, it’s over
But you made it over
Before there was blame to share
It’s okay though you’re selfish
Take the blame, who cares
When it’s all your fault
Faulty, deaf, dumb, blind
You’re broken
You’re my broken record
But that’s okay
I’ll make you listen
Learn to read Braille
And pay attention.

Hear no evil
Speak no evil
See no evil
No wonder why
I found its sequel
When there’s plenty to go around
Plenty dished out and
Served in cocktails
Spun on turn-tables
Bon appetit
My bitter waiter–
I should know better
But then, even Adam
Ate the apple
For knowledge, wisdom
And still knew no bettter–
So here’s some wisdom
Just pay attention
I’ll only say this once
Pay attention
Okay twice
Pay attention
Pay attention
Oh God, I hate repetition.