Chapters 7,8,9, and 10

Finally, four more chapters for y’all to read! I’ve been sitting on these ones since about Sunday, trying to figure out what could stay and what needed to go.  For whatever reason, I’m a lot more self-conscious about these four chapters than the previous six.  I’m not really sure why.  Maybe it’s because things are wrapping up–I dunno.  I do know that this still has been an interesting process.  I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve gotten behind on the deadlines, and I wanted to be more consistent–I think it’s just that the more self-conscious I get about what I write, the less motivated I am to write, and the more frustrated I get with myself that I’m not writing–that just turns into a vicious, endless cycle.  So, I’m going to keep writing and try and finish this.  A lot of things are probably going to be a bit goofy, intentionally or not, but I hope in the end I’ll have a product with a lot of potential.  So, without further ado:

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10






Up late writing

I’ve been up late the past few nights trying to get caught up on writing the chapters I’m behind on.  I have about four more of them written at the moment.  I’m going to try and upload by tomorrow or the next day whatever I have–I don’t think it’ll catch me up quite to the daily amount, but it should get me close.  I’m trying to take my time on these current chapters for a couple of reasons: 1) I’m getting closer to the end of this story, and 2) this means that I’d like for everything to be wrapped up pretty tightly–everything needs to connect.  So everything I write right now, I’m scrutinizing just a little bit more.  And yes, you read correctly, the story is drawing closer to an end–it’ll probably be wrapped up some time next week.  Because of this, you’ll be seeing some small filler chapters along the way to drag it out a bit more, but I want this to have as much of a natural end as possible; so, when it ends, it ends.  What will I do with the odd number of days left over for daily writing?  I’m not quite sure yet.  I’ve already been pretty bad about keeping up with the daily posts, but the point was to have deadlines to motivate me to finish this story before the middle of next month and that part is working.  I’ll probably just end up writing some short, stand-alone stories, or more poems for the leftover days.  We’ll see.  I’m not really sure how coherent this all is, but I just wanted to give an update as it’s been a while since I last posted.

Hopefully you will have something more interesting to read soon!


UPDATE: Unmasked! *gasp*

My name’s Ethan Guberman.  Around March of this year I began testing the waters, introducing my poetry to the public by assuming the masked identity of Mr. Brewding.  It was definitely an interesting process–one that finally gave me the confidence to post, now, under my true identity.

So why am I doing this now? I’m not sure if I know the exact answer at the moment.  I do know that the process of writing “Our Friend Mr. Brewding” so far has helped me learn a lot about myself.  One of the things I’ve discovered, I can’t expect to keep writing, keep maturing as a writer, and keep developing Mr. Brewding as a character without realizing that Mr. Brewding and I are very different–I promise, I’m not trying to play this up as some daring epic straight from Jekyl and Mr. Hyde–and I promise, I don’t struggle with multiple personalities.  If you’ve read the chapters posted for this series so far, you’d see what I’m talking about.

That all being said, Mr. Brewding isn’t done.  I may not be him anymore, but I’m still planning on keeping him around–just merely fictitious, like he should be.  That also being said, I think you’re all in for a surprise if you think the way you know Mr. Brewding in his series isn’t going to change–his development is far from done.

As for changing the name of the site, that’s still something I’m playing around with.  If I wasn’t going to ‘be’ Mr. Brewding anymore, I figured it was appropriate for that name to change for the site as well.  I’d already anticipated this change and thought of the name ‘WordPlay’–domain wise, that was taken.  I started then to like the idea of ‘WordPlay’d’ which is somewhat of a wordplay in itself.  I don’t like this name as much as the previous one, especially since sometimes these types of names are taken less in a light, witty way and more in an obnoxious, pretentious way, but I’m happy to keep it around for the time being.

So, where are the rest of the daily chapters for the series?  They’ll be here, I promise.  The last few days have been kinda crazy and the fact that I’m finding time to blog at the moment is sort of a miracle.  I promise that when I do post chapters, it’ll be ‘chapters’ with an ‘s’–multiple chapters to make up for the multiple days chapters have been absent.

I truly hope this unveiling, if you will, doesn’t disenchant or disillusion the charm or appeal of my site–I don’t think it should, but you never know, if the mask was all the unique I had going for me, I may be in trouble.  All this aside, I’m really excited to be posting now as myself–it feels so pure, more me.  Duh!

For my readers out there, I’d like to thank you for continuing to read my poetry and prose, unencumbered by the knowledge that it was written by a creepy insomniac with a mask.  I hope you continue to stick around now that that mask is gone.  My face may have changed, but my words won’t.

So for now, I hope you all join me in this new journey.  I’m really excited!

Peace to everyone,


P.S. The pic kinda sucks, but give me a break, I suck at taking pictures! haha!

Chapter 5 is up!

Ok, so technically I’m a few hours late, but I got it posted before I went to sleep (the end of my day).  That counts, right?  I was driving most of the day, and even got a late start doing that–my day didn’t exactly go according to plan, but I wanted to make sure I got a chapter up before going to bed.  You can read it HERE.  It’s a pseudo-chapter.  It’s a bit short, so I’m going to post Chapter 5.5 tomorrow, once it’s written after work.  If you missed out on the other chapters and would like to read them, you can find them HERE.



Poem, “Jesus. Judas”

A little something I did have time for this weekend 🙂 Still playing around with it a bit, but I like doing something from time to time that’s a bit different. As I was writing it, I had a hard time finding a place to stop–in fact, I’ve changed that spot multiple times even as I’ve prepared it for posting. I think you’ll find, though, that that’s probably the point.

“Jesus. Judas”

Why are you here?
Always questioning.
With good reason.
O ye of little faith!
Cut it out. Answer the question.
You won’t believe me.
Try me.
You doubted me the first time.
No, I played a role.
We all had roles to play.
Some suffered more–
And then I offered you forgiveness. You denied it.
That wasn’t my role. Why are you here?
I’ve always been here.
Stop playing games.
I thought you liked games?
Why are you here?
It’s the end.
No one will believe you.
Some will.
We’ve had too many false prophets since you–
They too played roles.
They’ve all lost faith.
What will you do about it?
That isn’t like you.
I’ve always done nothing–you, on the other hand, did something.
You made me the martyr.
God’s will.
Your choice.
I was the real martyr.
I know.
“We all had roles to play.” What do you want from me?
I need you again.
Convince the others.
Not this time.
You can be their Christ.
I won’t.
Who will save them?
That’s your role!
Not this time.
God’s will?
No, your choice.

On break for the weekend

I wanted to be able to write 30 days straight, but sometimes life mixes things up for you and you need to roll with it. This weekend’s going to be pretty busy for me–my lil sis’ birthday is tomorrow and fathers’ day is Sunday. So in light of that, my writing’s on pause, but just for this weekend. I should probably clarify, any heavy amount of blogging is actually what’s going to be on pause–I’ll probably be writing still, I just won’t have anything to post yet. I realize the irony in this–I posted last night that these daily chapters were an integrity thing and something I intended to stand by. I still do. Everything will resume this Monday, I promise. Family always comes first for me, and this weekend I just want my focus to be on them.

Thanks for being patient!