Where I’ve been and The Untitled Poet Society

I know I posted a while back (a long long while back) about how there would be an unexpected hiatus and how I promised to come back with some new material.  Well I was gone a bit (just a bit) longer than I expected but I do have some new material just like I promised.  There is a slight catch, however.  I’m currently working on another project called  The Untitled Poet Society, and I’m trying to get the ball rolling there, so I’ll be posting most of my new poems at the new site but providing links here.  For clarification, The Untitled P.S. won’t be replacing this blog at all–they’re two very separate and different beasts.  I’m very excited about my new project and it’s a collaborative one, so if you happen to stumble upon reading this post, please, please, please check out the submission guidelines  at The Untitled and submit one of your own poems there!…Wow, this is starting to sound like one really bad advertisement, however, believe me when I say this, your collaboration at The Untitled would be greatly appreciated! For now, you can continue checking here for links to my new poems.  I’ll try to update again regularly.

Thank you for keeping on reading,