I. “New Year’s Eve”

Time flies

Before we realize

Not much time passed at all

We keep climbing up

The ladder just to fall

We’re not where we

Wanted to be, no, not at all

We’re high or we’re low

            or between

                        —Drop the damn ball—

It’s the first of our last

Days coming to a crawl

We drink and we drink

To cure all


It’s useless

We realize so we’ll make


To stop it, quit it

            but quitting’s

                         a delusion

Cause we’re hooked or trapped

            —Whatever you call the illusion—

And the last of the last

Comes, but how will you spend it?

Staring down an empty bottle

            or the barrel of a gun

                        —Yeah, you blew it—

Either way

            you wasted away

            this blessing


Treating life

            like a party

Yeah, you were


 At least you had fun

            driving all


You had fun, you had fun

Yeah, we’ve reached that


II. “Christmas Eve”

What’s this

            I hear about you

                        serving a life sentence?

That’s right

            it’s just ten years

                        not enough for resentment

And it doesn’t matter

                        if you meant it

The court of law

            may be about motive

                        or intentions

But not life

            no, life’s about guilt

            and guilt’s about


Which we all know

            really means

                        life lessons

We learn

            or burn

            —Crash and burn—

In one

            and out one


Like the life

            you’re messing with when

            you’re out

                        Out on the town

            that night in May

                                    Maybe you remember

Of course I remember

Like it was

My first Christmas

            in December

I couldn’t sleep

A wink from

            anxiety and

            the way it tempered

My mind for


            I’d soon hear

            though my heart

            would take

            years, years, and years

            to become so weathered


            all cold

            all severed


            from that night

             you delivered


            I can’t forget.

I wish

            you’d never…

That night

My family lost

                                    One member.