Final Chapters Posted!

I’m excited to finally post the final chapters.  Unfortunately I feel like I started hitting my stride in it when it finally ended, though I suppose that’s how these things usually go.  Now, I don’t usually like to do this but I have a few disclaimers before you read the last three chapters.

There will be some parts in these final chapters that may contradict the earlier ones.  When I started writing, I had a few ideas of the routes I wanted to take in the plot, and I began with one path in mind–the one I liked the least but found the most practical.  Well, I changed my mind and decided to write the ending I wanted from the beginning.  So naturally, I need to go back and edit a bunch of things but I’m okay with that.  Just know that right now everything may not connect as well as it will later.

For these reasons, I also struck the reveal of the killer Mr. Brewding’s real name “Walter Rachstein” from the last chapter I posted, Chapter 11.  This will be a much different reveal that you’ll read in these last 3 chapters.  You will also see that in these last 3 chapters Brewding will never be referred to as Brewding, and instead just the killer.  When I go back and change some things, I’m taking the name Mr. Brewding out, but leaving in an easter egg for readers who knew the original name.  I love the character, but the more I wrote, the more I realized how little that name really fit in the atmosphere of the story.  I also didn’t really like making the name I originally came up with to represent my poetry also represent a bad guy in my story.  I am, after all, the writer, not the killer. 🙂

I’ll leave all the chapters unchanged up for a week or so before I take them all down and really begin completing this book.  Yes, there is a difference between finishing a book and completing it.

With these last chapters I definitely went more of a sci-fi route, which is what I wanted from the beginning.  I was hesitant to do this because I was worried it could blow up in my face, but I think with some revisions to past chapters it will really work.  The concept perhaps could be a bit cliche but I tried to put my own nuances in it to make it, well, umm, my own.  When I go back and “complete” this book, there’ll be a lot more supernatural in it, which is what I love, so I hope it’ll be great.

The last thing you’ll notice is the title change to “Watcher, Book 1: A thousand, thousand faces” which I find also suits everything much better.

Like I said before, I’m really excited about this and I hope you all like it too; and if you don’t, feel free to leave some constructive criticism.  I’m totally open to it!

Without further ado:

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

All of “Watcher, Book 1”



Challenge, Day 1, Chapter 1

Our Friend Mr. Brewding: Masked

Chapter 1


“…victim found dead in his apartment.  Blood analysis suggests he was highly intoxicated, but alcohol poisoning does not appear to be the cause of death.  Police are suspecting murder, but there are no leads at this time.  Mr. Whit was a repeat…”


I turned over in my bed, calmly.  I was wide awake now.  The “nightmare” only started out in fragmented parts, not always frequent, sometimes only occurring once a month.  This week, however, I’d been having it every night, and it was no longer in pieces.  Now the dream was much more coherent, and I began to understand it.  I was no longer afraid.  I saw it for what it was.  Destiny.

Dying is a funny thing.  It’s an even funnier thing when you were supposed to have died, but due to some weird cosmic event, things don’t turn out quite…right, and you’re still alive.  At least I was now convinced this was definitely something cosmic.  A divine intervention or something.  Call it what you want.  Fact is, I should’ve died that night.  I would’ve died if I were in the car.  I was supposed to be in the car.  I wasn’t.  She told me to stay home.

I was saved.  She wasn’t.

I was told that it was just a freak accident.  That these things just…happen.  The only solace even a priest could offer was just God has a plan for everyone.  I’m not exactly the religious type, but assuming that’s true, why did he plan for me to stay instead of going with her?  My life couldn’t possibly be that important.  I know it isn’t.  It certainly isn’t part of some grand plan either, and if it is, I think God just messed up this time around.  This time, things must’ve not gone according to plan.  I should’ve been there.  I should be dead.

But I’m not.  I spent a few years waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Waiting for death to catch up with me.  It never came.  I didn’t exactly go looking for it either.  I’m not insane.  I’ve always been particularly cautious, and dangerous things, well, frighten me, so I didn’t try and die, or find death, or whatever.  I just expected it to find me.

…A gnarled mask of plastic peace

tells its own story

two feet further from the scene;

it isn’t Halloween….

I saw my own decapitated head in my dream last night.  Death’s finally coming.


I must’ve just missed him.  I’ve been tailing this guy for weeks.  Always just one step behind.  I make it to each scene just in time to watch the police clean his mess up, while I perch on a building out of sight.  Way out of sight.  I didn’t want them to know I was working this case also.  I had some friends in the department, true.  But the commissioner can’t get me out of every gray area of the law.  Vigilantism is very…gray, but some pretend like they don’t know what I’m doing.  That’s okay.  I never much liked that color anyways.  I’ve always preferred black. 

I already heard the rumors that begin spreading when crime happens here.  Being a knight of darkness doesn’t have a whole lot of perks, and when bad things happen, the people who don’t approve of what you’re doing try and blame you.  Make you the scapegoat.  I’ve done many things in accordance with my own morals that others have deemed immoral or unethical.  I’ve never killed anyone though. 



“…offender with multiple DUI’s.  With crime rates at an all-time high, and many prisons and jail cells full, Mr. Whit had been let off with warnings and fines, instead of serving time in an over-crowded penitentiary.  Mr. Whit died with no family to survive him and will be buried this Friday.”

*Lightbulb* *ding!* IDEA!

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and that thinking has produced an idea (imagine that?). I’ve been wanting to do a short story (novel, novella, story-in-general, not sure the exact format yet) series on Mr. Brewding–I mentioned that before in a previous post.  Before, I wasn’t quite sure the best way to do this; originally, I thought I may just begin writing it, and post it one day on the internet when it was all finally finished.  I’m not going to do that.

For one, I don’t think I’d actually ever finish if I were to do it that way.  I have a much better idea.

Beginning next Monday, (June 13th, I believe?) I’m going to write the first chapter in the Mr. Brewding stories, then I’ll post it.  The following day, I’ll write the next chapter, and post it.  The idea is that I’ll do this for the next month.  And by July 13th, I’m hoping to have about a 30 chapter story.  I realize that potentially this story could be better if I planned it in its entirety.  If I sat down and mulled over my work, compulsively changing a line here, or a word there, that my writing would be more, perfect.  Mr. Brewding isn’t perfect.

In the spirit of being spontaneously creative (or, creatively spontaneous? hehe…) I want this story to reflect it.  I want it to be fluid.  I want it to be able to change if I need it to, and I want all of you to be able to see it change if need be.

I think I can do a lot of interesting things with this idea.  I like that because of the improvisation of this story, the plot may not be all linear.  I may right a point here in one chapter, and decide in the next chapter something happened before it that I want to reveal or add upon.  It may be difficult to follow, but I’m not doing this for the sake of confusion.  I want to have continuity, and I want it to be coherent.  So I’m going to do my best to make this story tight, regardless of its complexity–or, simplicity, even.  Who knows?  It isn’t written yet.

I’m not planning on stopping with just writing this story either. I’m thinking about doing an audio-book format, or performance format of the story as well once it’s finally concluded.  Possibly even releasing an economically, umm, reasonable version of the book online for purchase where all the proceeds go to charity.  I’m not looking to make money off of this.  I want to do something creative and different, and I want to share it with everyone–if someone else can benefit in the process then I think that would be great!

Still, this doesn’t stop with me or my story.  I’d like to challenge any writer reading this blog (I hope I may actually have more than one, and that this challenge may bring you out of the shadows), to write and post something each day.  It can be a short story, daily chapters (like what I’m doing), poems, etc.–I don’t really care, just make it creative and make it daily.

If you’re interested, please comment here. I’d like to know who I can subscribe to so I can read your daily creativity as well.

I truly believe this is a great idea, and I hope others are out there reading this and are willing to participate.  If you do decide to participate, or know some one else who would like to, please spread the word.  I want to make this as big of an event as possible.

Cheers and stuff!